Connie Francis

With one of the most unique and standout voice in pop classics, Connie Francis has established life long memories with her music. While Connie had many songs from 1955-1958, her big break came with a song debut on Dick Clarks American Bandstand of “Who’s Sorry Now.” The songs debut on January 1st led to huge record sales and by mid year, over a million copies were sold.

Connie has had a rough road in life with many tragedys to befell her however her music has provided much comfort to many around the world. Music lovers know that Connie is one of the great talents to grace the pop culture and continues to perform to sold out crowds.

1) Who’s Sorry Now
2) Stupid Cupid
3) My Happiness
4) Lipstick on your Collar
5) Among My Souvenirs
6) Mama
7) Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool
8) My Heart Has a Mind Of Its Own
9) Where the Boys Are
10) Breaking in a Brand New Broken Heart
11) Don’t Break the Heart that Loves You
12) Vacation

1. Who’s Sorry Now
2. I’m Sorry I Made You Cry
3. You’re Gonna Miss Me
4. Where The Boys Are
5. If My Pillow Could Talk
6. Don’t Ever Leave Me
7. For Mama (La Mama)
8. Born Free
9. The Wedding Cake

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